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The god of the damned declared war to the celestial kingdom, and Amburia, the human realm, suffer its consequences. In a world where all hope is lost, David Wildheart seeks to make things right once again, but he's only amburian... or is he?


The game is currently in development, and this is the alpha demo. Please let me know what you think about it!
If you care to follow the development, please follow my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Godarkhaos! :)

Install instructions

Extract the .zip file and run "Divine Legacy.exe" from the extracted folder


Divine Legacy Alpha demo 1.1.zip 603 MB
Divine Legacy Alpha demo 1.0.zip 644 MB


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This was so polished! I really loved the demo. How did you get your skill menus to work that way? Is it all through pictures or a combination of different plugins?


I'm really happy you liked it!
Yep, my whole HUD is a bunch of pictures and plugins, but most of it is done with Qpicture and SRdude's menu editor.
The skillbar is  an add-on from Qabs, the combat-system plugin that I use  :)

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Man, this was SO EPIC!

Just finished playing. (Played it with the controller.) Props to you on where you ended the demo. :D 

Everything I noticed in this game felt polished, unique, and TOP NOTCH!

  • the mapping, (9.5/10)
  • the sprites, (9.5/10)
  • the animations, (9/10)
  • the atmosphere, (9/10)
  • the overall graphics, (9.5/10)
  • the sound effects, (9/10)
  • the choice of music, (9.5/10)
  • the cutscenes, (9.5/10)
  • the dialogue,  (8/10)
  • the extra/side dialogue while walking, (10/10)
  • the text effects, (10/10)
  • the story, (8.5/10)
  • the pixel movement & collisions (10/10)
  • the combat (9.5/10)

Conclusion: A very FUN game to play; every frame felt pleasant on the eyes; and the whole experience was soothing on the ears.

Something to reconsider: I felt a bit annoyed by the sound effect that's played as the letters in the dialogue are being displayed. I went into the options and brought down its volume, and it didn't bother me anymore. But... that caused all the other sound effects to lose volume and power. So I would suggest to reconsider this, and to perhaps lower the volume of that letter-display sound effect.

(Side note: I wonder how much time it took to make this. :O )

Overall: This an amazing game! And I'm very much looking forward to playing the full version. :) 


Wow, that's so nice of you to say! ๐Ÿ˜ญ

I was worried about some things but you really cleared my doubts! ๐Ÿ˜

I'll do something for that letter sound effect, probably just lower it a bit, yeah.

It took about 500hours. But maybe I'm slow, too, I spend a lot of time testing.

The FULL version is really gonna take a while to make... ๐Ÿ˜…

But I plan on dividing it in 3 episodes for that reason. ๐Ÿ˜Š


Glad my words could ease your burdens. :)  
And oh, wow, I'd say making something like this in 500 hours is pretty fast! Shows that you had decent experience before you started working on this game. :O

And oh boy, SOOOO GLAD  you're breaking it up into episodes! 
As I was playing this game I was having doubts like... "This is so GOOD! If he tries to maintain this quality for the full version, that could require an INSANE amount of effort. Yeah... will he be able to finish it up?"

So the fact you're planning to break it up into episodes, gives me confidence that you WILL DEFINITELY end up finishing this game, sooner or later. So super happy to hear that! 


Yeah I've played around a lot with VX years ago, so I learned from that. I just recently got back into it with MV. This is actually the very first time I upload a game(ish) tho!

I'm aware that this may take years of work, but that doesn't matter to me if I keep getting support like yours! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘